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Hi all! My name is Collette, t-shirt and vinyl designer extraordinaire:)) My love for design began when I was a little girl, watching my father hand paint designs on race cars. As his business grew, so did his need for help; this is when I made my appearance into the world of t-shirt and vinyl design. Although my pay was meager (you know how dad's can be), I loved the process of design -- taking one person's idea and watching the look of excitement on their face when I handed them the finished product; a product I created. Now, nearly 20 years after working for my father, successfully tackling every challenging task he gave me, I am on my own. Proudly, I present to you: Collete'sTshirts&Vinyl. I invite you to read my weekly posts for updates about my new adventure. Check in for regularly for information about the world of graphic design, but most importantly, think about me when you want your next hoodie, t-shirt, hat or bag. I promise, you won't be disappointed!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Dirt track racing

Our first weekend here we took a little break from all the headaches of moving and went racing. It was a great way to learn more about the local culture. We loved it! The whole night was very entertaining. Its true we are easily entertained. Example the red clay or as we called it "orange dirt". All night we kept pointing it out to each other. "Look at the orange dirt on the cars!" "See the orange dirt on the walls!" When the cars really got going..."Look at that orange dirt FLY!"
 The people around us must have thought where are these morons from?
I loved the southern rock music blasting, all the children dancing. During cautions the announcer would tell us jokes and play music.
 My sons favorite part was the candy! They called all the kids to an area below the balcony and they throw candy to them. It looked like it was raining candy. Now we have hyper children all around us dancing to sweet home Alabama.

Can't wait to go again!

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