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Hi all! My name is Collette, t-shirt and vinyl designer extraordinaire:)) My love for design began when I was a little girl, watching my father hand paint designs on race cars. As his business grew, so did his need for help; this is when I made my appearance into the world of t-shirt and vinyl design. Although my pay was meager (you know how dad's can be), I loved the process of design -- taking one person's idea and watching the look of excitement on their face when I handed them the finished product; a product I created. Now, nearly 20 years after working for my father, successfully tackling every challenging task he gave me, I am on my own. Proudly, I present to you: Collete'sTshirts&Vinyl. I invite you to read my weekly posts for updates about my new adventure. Check in for regularly for information about the world of graphic design, but most importantly, think about me when you want your next hoodie, t-shirt, hat or bag. I promise, you won't be disappointed!

Friday, September 9, 2011

Benefits of custom printing

Custom T shirt printing has many benefits. Businesses use them to gain publicity,bands use them to promote albums and tours, even just regular people trying to share with the world what's important to them. A lot of shirts made have witty lines and jokes printed on them. Shirts like these help people find things in common and connect with others. Everyone reads shirts,peoples eyes are simply attracted to the design, and the better the design the more people look at it. Custom t-shirts can be a unique gift for family and friends because family photographs and inside jokes can be applied to t-shirts. Personalized t-shirts can also be used to raise money for noble causes, such as fundraisers. You can find many custom t-shirt printing websites online. These are helpful because many printing businesses offer very affordable online prices and even provide added discounts for buying bulk. T-shirts made by a printing business may be ordered in small quantities, and they come exactly how you want them, in any size you need them. Most t-shirts are high quality and very long lasting there for, as a marketing tool, custom t-shirts are extremely cost effective.   This blog brought to you by http://www.collettestshirts.com/

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