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Hi all! My name is Collette, t-shirt and vinyl designer extraordinaire:)) My love for design began when I was a little girl, watching my father hand paint designs on race cars. As his business grew, so did his need for help; this is when I made my appearance into the world of t-shirt and vinyl design. Although my pay was meager (you know how dad's can be), I loved the process of design -- taking one person's idea and watching the look of excitement on their face when I handed them the finished product; a product I created. Now, nearly 20 years after working for my father, successfully tackling every challenging task he gave me, I am on my own. Proudly, I present to you: Collete'sTshirts&Vinyl. I invite you to read my weekly posts for updates about my new adventure. Check in for regularly for information about the world of graphic design, but most importantly, think about me when you want your next hoodie, t-shirt, hat or bag. I promise, you won't be disappointed!

Friday, August 19, 2011

Last day of work and the bird that saved the day.

On my last day of work for my Dad I spent most of the day trying not to get all weepy. I plugged away trying NOT to think about things like... how long I've worked for him. Or I'll never be able to look across the shop and tell him my goofy story's, recap survivor, or cry on his shoulder...sniff sniff .
Then a humming bird saved the day! It flew in the shop and could not find its way out. Poor thing. Papa was worried. The last time this happened he spent hrs. trying to carefully get the humming bird out the door unharmed. In the end Papa was standing in the door way holding a hand full of tail feathers. The humming bird sat on the electric wire staring at him. As if saying " Why did you do it to me man?"
 This time the bird made it feathers and all!  He didn't move for a long time just sat in the palm of Papa's hand . Papa set the bird on a grapevine. The poor thing flipped over upside down. Papa held him upright until the bird caught his breath and flew away.   Now Papa and I have this cool memory for my last day instead of awkward silence :)

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