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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Fall Trip

A few weeks ago we took our annual fall trip to Gary's daughters house. I always love this trip! I think its because its simply about having fun with the family. We started the day by going to a cool little 60's dinner (Gary loves that kind of thing)  
You can't tell by this picture but Garrett loved it too.

Next we went to the pumpkin patch!

We did the hay ride! On this farm they have a Choc. Lab that walks ahead of the tractor. Getting off the path here and there to explore then coming right back to lead the way. The kids love to point out all the monsters on the path. Tiffany and I love to watch the dog. They also have a large yellow lab who seemed to be wanting a little attention because she laid down right in front of the ticket line causing everyone to have to step over her.

If you can carry it buddy you can keep it!
Next we got to pet the horses and chickens.
We played an apple sling shot game.
This game was so much fun I had to try it! Then I embarrassed myself so bad I wished I hadn't played. I was wearing heels and every time I let go I fell on my butt. How did the kids make it look so easy?
                                           Who wants to do the corn maze?
Its a good thing that every one did because it took all of us to find our way out.
OK mostly the boys got us out.
                                 Garrett really did have fun! Even though you can't tell by this picture.
                                              We got back in the car and off to the football field.
We got to see Katie cheer. The cutest part was her father who sat behind me cheering right along with her. He has clearly been to a few practices since he knows all the words! Then we watched Tyler play.                                                         His team won!
The next day we went on a hike through the woods.
                                Maybe next year we can add white water rafting to the list?

                                           Its always hard to say goodbye. But we'll be back next year!
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